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Check Out This Black Cosplayer’s Festive Poison Ivy Pics!

It’s me. I’m the black cosplayer. I did the thing to a the title that a lot of websites tend to do now with graphic filler content: give you a command to look at a thing. Maybe that actually works? If you’re here, I’m assuming it does.

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It probably goes without saying, but some of the other arboretum visitors were either put off or amused by me running around in full costume and spiked heels, which I personally found hilarious. One woman stared for a moment and abruptly averted her eyes, to which I whispered “Yes, good; avert your eyes from my sins.” It was a good time. There was also this really cute little cat that hung around us for the first half of the shoot, and she kept mewing at us and lounging nearby, but she wouldn’t let me pet her.  I made this cosplay last year, but it hardly saw the light of day due to some…issues at the convention I wore it to. With that in mind, I decided to bring it back this year for Holiday Matsuri 2016, which I will be attending as not only a nerd in a leotard, but also as official press for the first time!

Fun Facts:

  • This cosplay took a week to make. I dyed and cut a leotard I got at good ol’ Walmart, then arranged some artificial leaves in the pattern I wanted. After that, I took a picture of the arrangement, dumped the leaves into a pile, and glued them onto the leotard, one by one, using the picture as reference.
  • The most expensive part of this cosplay is the wig (and I guess the physical labor because it’s really time consuming and I didn’t have a mannequin yet, so I had to be mindful of fabric stretching and making sure the glue didn’t bleed through.
  • This is one of my favorite cosplays to date, and I’ll probably add a bit more to it between now and Holiday Matsuri.

Wanna make your own? Amazon’s got you covered.

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~DeLa Doll

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