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I’m a nerd blogger and cosplayer whose work has been featured on The Huffington Post and Geek Girls. I make the majority of my costumes by hand (I even hand-painted the Spidey head onto my MJ shirt). I have a website (the one you’re on right now!) where I post all my geeky nerdy shit that includes everything from game reviews to opinion pieces. I also review conventions, and I go super duper in-depth from the perspective of a real cosplayer and general cool dork to give you the scoop on whether or not a con is a must or a bust!

How It Began

I’ve been what can easily be described a geek, nerd, and pop culture enthusiast since the time I knew how to operate a TV remote and learned to read. I watch a lot of everything, honestly.

I like reality television, horror movies, anime, cartoons (meaning non-anime animated stuff – yes, there’s a difference…kinda), game shows, dramas…everything. That said, I’ve always favored fantasy and horror themes.

Games are a mixed bag as well. My favorite game series titles of all time are Spyro the Dragon and Soul Calibur. I generally go for RPGs and fighting games, but I’ll play pretty much anything (as evidenced by my game collection, which consists of a lot things that have nothing do with each other that I probably bought on a whim because they were either on sale or had cool art work and character customization).

As far as cosplay goes, I’ve always been into costuming and creating. I was the kid who would plan her Halloween costume in July. And then I found out about cosplay and conventions. The first “official” cosplay I’ve ever done is Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. I wore it at Holiday Matsuri 2014. I made her bass out of elastic string and cardboard.

I was Marceline from Adventure Time.

There’s the guitar. And also me, holding the guitar.

I’ve improved a lot since then, and you can check out a lot of my latest cosplays on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

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