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Daenerys Sucks

***Proceed with caution if you aren't caught up on the latest episode, as this will contain spoilers for those who are not***

I'm balls deep in the current season of Game of Thrones and I'm just so done with Dany's shit. She could be a cool ass character, but I don't care for her at all anymore. I don't even think we're supposed to like Daenerys at this point because she's become willifully ignorant, narcissistic, and overall insufferable in thinking she's entitled to the Iron Throne and everyone's automatic reverence. In Game of Thrones, when you get too full of yourself, you get cut down. When you can't bring yourself to see beyond your title and what you think you deserve or have unquestionable claim to, you lose. This point is illustrated in the fates of several characters.

Case Number 1: Ned Stark

Guess honor didn't let him stay aHEAD of the pack ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Look at Ned, ol' Ned with no head, all because he couldn't see past his commitment to "honor." It's old news now, but it was important lesson. The very first lesson in how one should play the Game of Thrones. Moving on.

Case Number 2: Joffrey

Now let's take a look at Joffrey. Here's Joffrey being the dickbag he always was.

Here's Joffrey again, moments later, choking at his own wedding feast, clawing at his throat until the flame of his hideous, evil life finally went out.


All because he thought he was untouchable. He became naughty and attached to his title. He allowed his position to fool him into thinking he was untouchable. And so he died. Like a little bitch.

Case Number 3: Cersei

Push me to the edge. All my kids are dead.

You may be asking why I put Cersei on this list. She's still alive, and seemingly powerful, but hear me out. Cersei, despite her temporary position of power, is doomed. Just like the witch said, she'd watch all her children die, and her little brother would kill her. Let's look at how well that prophecy is playing out so far:

Despite all her best efforts, all her kids are fucking dead. Cersei is a smart woman despite all her evil ways, so one would think her children would have been able to survive with her help and dark wit. However, she's so smart that she's a fucking moron. If she'd allow herself to see beyond her title as a Lannister and her goals of being Queen, her kids would be alive and she wouldn't continue to suffer some pretty awful blows. Aside from being a childless mother, she's also been pelted with shit in the streets and paraded naked before the common folk she thought she was too good for. Despite all this. she still wasn't broken. Admirable in a way, but foolish. You'd think she'd chill the fuck out at some point, but she grows more hellbent on revenge and resolute in her power hungriness. Some may call that strength, but it's ultimately foolishness and will be her undoing. She's fucking doomed and she's had so many chances to get her shit together. Now she's fucking Jaime out in the open because she's "The Queen of Seven Kingdoms," which I guess gives you a "get out of incest" free card. It's like she learned nothing from being called a "brother fucker" while she was being smacked with feces during her walk of shame not too long ago. Her downfall is eminent, and it will be dramatic and glorious.

Case Number 4: Stannis

"Guess I kinda fucked up with the whole 'let's incinerate my only child' plan, eh?"

Stannis was certain he was destined to be King. So certain that he allowed this foolish certainty to dictate all of his decisions, each one more horrifying than the next until he finally gave the order to torch his beloved daughter alive.

I don't have a humorous caption for this picture. This was just depressing.

What became of him for all his focus on being King of Westeros? His entire family is dead. And he died unceremoniously in the fucking snow. Weak. Stupid.

The Point: Ok, Here's Why Dragon Girl Sucks

I could provide more examples, but my point is that the tunnel vision so many of our beloved, or lovingly despised, friends in Westeros allow themselves to be consumed by is a potent poison. This is a formula for certain, embarrassing, and well l-deserved death.

I thought dragons breathed fire from their mouths, not talked out of their asses.

What does all this have to do with Daenerys and why she sucks? I'm glad you asked. Daenerys is at risk because she's been steadily sipping on that toxic cocktail of her title and her vision for a while now, and it's getting worse. Most recently, she realized she needs true Westerosi allies if she wants a chance at taking and maintaining the iron throne. She won't be seen as a true queen of the people if she just burns shit up and storms King's Landing with a bunch of hot foreigners. With this in mind, she requested that Jon Snow, the King of the North who fought frost zombies and returned from the dead, to Dragonstone. However, instead of being some semblance of the decent and fair human being she fancies herself, she was a complete asshole. She had Jon and Davos sit through that ridiculous calling out of all her titles, intentionally disrespected his title as King of the North, and then had the nerve to play games like she didn't need his help when it was clear to everyone that she did. Jon Snow was clearly there on a mission, and more polite than he needed to be to the self-aggrandizing Daenerys, but rather than hear him out, she stood there wasting time because she was so wrapped up in the fact that Jon didn't specifically address her as Queen and did not come all this way simply to "bend the knee." She summoned him but treated him like an insignificant piece of shit, and kept rattling off her titles, hardships, and accomplishments like she's the only who's ever been through anything rough. Meanwhile, Jon Snow literally came back the dead and has faced White Walkers.

Lalala I can't hear you until you bend the knee, Lord Snow, mwahaha. See what I did there? Didn't call you king. I'm a genius. Add that to my lengthy introduction.

Look, I'll be the first to admit that Jon's claim would be hard to take seriously at face value, but considering Daenerys has some equally "tall tale" experiences of her own (like bringing dragons back from extinction and surviving standing in the middle of a blazing funeral pyre), you'd think claims of an undead army would at least be something she'd look into as opposed to dismissing it entirely. Does she not remember not being taken seriously? Does she not remember being treated as a pawn and a joke before she fought her way (with a lot of fucking help and 3 goddamn dragons) to the position of power she's in? She's been through things that you'd think would make her more wise and compassionate, but instead she scoffs as Jon Snow like he's beneath her when she's the one asking for his allegiance. Despite this, she still fancies herself an ultimately benevolent ruler who will bring peace to Westeros. She's becoming foolish when she's had more than enough lessons to be anything but. She doesn't remember that she's mortal despite her dragons and highborn blood, and that pisses me off. As if Jon Snow, or anyone for that matter, would risk disrespecting someone with three firebreathing dragons and an army of fierce warriors ready to kill anyone and anything at her command, over some made up bullshit.

You'd think that since she fancies herself so clever, she'd be smart enough to look into that. You'd think the Mother of Dragons (and Superfluous Titles) would say, "Damn, this motherfucker really must have seen some horrifying shit if he's willing to travel all this way just to NOT bend the knee like I asked, but to deliver a warning and ask for my help. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't be such a fucking jackass and give him a chance just like all the people who gave me a chance." But no. It took Tyrion pointing out the obvious to get her to come around. Tyrion is an excellent advisor. He's way too smart to waste his talents telling a foolish child that the sky is blue. Daenarys is frustrating because she's becoming that much more of a fool by the minute. She's quick to point out her triumphs and hardships, but doesn't appear to have learned from them. Instead, she uses them as fuel for her ridiculous pomp and haughtiness.

Basically, Daenerys' tunnel vision is becoming more narrow by the minute, and eventually it'll become a doomsday clock…or at least it should. It seems all too obvious that she's destined to survive and be the Queen, so it's frustrating to think that the rules may not apply to her. It'd be a glaring weakness in otherwise delightful storytelling for that to be the case. Game of Thrones is known for a good plot twist, though, so I'm hoping she'll shape up and play the game intelligently…or get what she deserves for her carelessness.

~DeLa Doll 

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