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From DeLa Doll, Without Love: Dear Tariq…

Dear Tumeric Nastysheets

I get it. Black girl nerds are trending right now, and you needed yet another way to step on black women in order to get a few cheap likes and pageviews from people even more ignorant than you are. You aren’t interesting or intelligent enough to get by without trying to berate or degrade other people, and so you chose black girl cosplayers in an attempt to piggy back off our current social capital because we’re hot right now. 

You claimed that we’re all just “negro bedwenches” seeking out coveted white penis (what kind of shit are you on, by the way? Like what toxic cocktail of narcotics induced that kind of delusion and compelled you to share it with the internet?). You saw all the trending articles about Krissy Victory, a pretty well known black cosplayer, and the harassment she’s endured just for being exactly that: a black girl cosplayer. You saw how those articles have reached the heights of George Takei’s official Facebook page, popular online news outlets, and so on. You saw all that, and I guess you wanted a piece of the pie. However, since you’re one of those people that believes in controversy over integrity, you chose to join in on the harassment. You, Tortellini Nopeshits, who claims to be pro-black, saw a black woman being harassed for no reason other than the fact that she was black, and…decided to say that she got what she deserved. What the fuck, dude?

Because tearing down black women who haven’t done anything wrong is doing a lot for “the community”, right?

You encouraged and cosigned tweets that further pushed your unfounded, misogynistic, and anti-black claims against black girl cosplayers, like the one below:

How creepy is it that some guy took the down to dig through several girls’ pictures for this…

You, someone who claims to be “for” black people, actively encouraged, furthered, and engaged in the harassment of innocent black women. You were perfectly fine with someone taking pictures of black women who are living their lives, minding their own business, and berating them while knowing nothing about them. I know some of these women personally, and have seen firsthand how they are some of the first people to speak out against racial injustice and go out of their way to support and uplift other black people, POC, and women in general, but let me stop, because you obviously don’t care about women anyway.  You claim to be some sort of “racial strategist.” Well, part of strategy involves research, and you didn’t bother to do any before you aimed your bullshit at these women. You labeled us all as self hating “bedwneches” because we happen to cosplay. Where the fuck isnthe logic in that line of thinking? It simply doesn’t follow. Instead, it shows that you’re just another glorified hotep using the current “trendiness” of racial and social discourse for your own gain. You don’t give a damn about any of us. You’ve proved it with this pathetic stunt. You chose to attack black woman for no real reason other than the fact that you:

  1. Equate stereotypical “nerdiness” with “whiteness” like some simpleminded fool who believes that black people (or maybe just black women?) need to stay within some arbitrarily constructed boundaries. You know, the same way that racists who actively try to push black people out of society do. Weird.
  2. Have something against interracial relationships (and not all cosplayers are in/seeking out interracial relationships, lol. I didn’t think such a statement needed to be made, but here we are). It’s one thing to be against racial fetishization. It’s another thing to automatically assume that everyone in one is a self-hating “Uncle Tom” or, as you so ineloquently put it, a “negro bedwench” (it’s funny how you use the same language as the oppressor. It’s almost like you’re no different than the racists you pretend to fight!). 

There’s nothing in the article you shared that indicates that Krissy is self hating. There’s nothing about being a black girl who cosplays and happens to have “nerdy” interests that indicates a desire to be with white men or hatred of blackness. Do you really think we all spend months worth of time and money making costumes, gaming, and going to conventions because we…want to be white? Want white men? Are self hating? What sense does that make? 

As a proud black girl nerd and cosplayer,  I decorate my walls with art purchased from black and other POC men and women whom I purposely seek out in the vendors areas of conventions. Art that often depicts beautiful black girls in the fantasy and sci-fi settings that I have always loved to read and write about. 

Two of my favorite art pieces I’ve acquired at a convention 💖

I proudly show off my deep brown skin when I cosplay, no matter what race/color the original character may be. 

Enchantress is paler than death. And then there’s my black ass. Still killed it 💖

I eagerly speak up against the anti-blackness, racism, and sexism that goes on within the cosplay community and the media I enjoy. But somehow, this is all just a ploy? Somehow, I spent most of June sewing and hacking away at EVA foam because I just wanna land a white boy and be loved by white people? Lmao. Negro, please. Sit down. 

I think that the real issue here is that you, and the scores of other lowly men like you, can’t stand to see a black woman getting any sort of clout. You delighted in the fact that someone like Krissy, a black girl who is unapologetically herself despite what society says a black girl “should” be, was being torn down, but you hated the fact that she is/was also being praised as a person who spoke up against her harassers. You hate that she, and so many other unapologetic, unconventional black girls are being regarded as influential voices and faces and in regards to speaking up about racial injustice because you want to be the only image. You want to be the only voice. You don’t care about the message so long as you’re regarded as The Messenger. That why when you see black women, who you incorrectly feel should be beneath you and serve you as your property,  being supported and praised despite every effort to keep them down, you get angry. You lash out and throw hissy fits on Twitter. How sad. 

~DeLa Doll 

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