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DeLa Doll the Cosplayer 

It’s really awesome to see that I’m gaining so recognition in one of my favorite areas: Writing. I’ve recently become a Huffington Post contributor due to the success of one of my blog posts, and now my second piece has gone viral and is taking off in ways I hadn’t expected.

As much as I have always loved writing, my other passion happens to be cosplay! Hence the blog name. I first got into cosplay at the behest of a former friend (who morphed into someone I could no longer deal with), and attended Holiday Matsuri in December 2014 as Marceline. After that, I was fucking obsessed.

I’m still relatively new to the cosplay scene, but I’d love to be able to combine cosplay and writing to create a unique platform. I realize I need to start churning out some really impressive cosplays in order to gain respect in that field, and so lately I’ve been trying to think of more challenging characters and designs to bring to life. In the process of doing that, I’ve created some pictures of my cosplays next to pictures of the original characters!  I also noticed that I hardly ever post pics or updates about my own cosplay endeavors on my blog, and so I’m going to be doing a lot more in the future (starting with this post). I want to keep improving my crafting and makeup skills, but these are my faves so far.

Knuckles from Sonic and Friends

Tia Dalma/Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean

Mary Jane from Spider-Man

Raven from Teen Titans

Misty from Pokemon

Mystery Girl from Steven Universe

Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time

Enchantress from the Suicide Squad movie (not the comic version, obviously)

Things I enjoy:

  • Wigs! I made the wigs for Knuckles and Calypso completely from scratch. I heavily altered and styled a basic pink wig for Mystery Girl.
  • Props and crafty shit – I made Marceline’s guitar from foam board, and I loved getting to use all the different chain and metal pieces for Enchantress.

Things I want to improve:

  • My makeup skills
  • My self-photography skills

If you have any suggestions for characters I should cosplay, comment below!

And that completes this light-hearted and controversy free post, lol. Thanks for reading and stuff!

~DeLa Doll

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