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Updates and Stuff

I haven’t been writing as much as I want to or should, so that’s gonna change…starting now! Look at me, writing and shit. Amazing. I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I want to go with my artistic endeavors, and I’ve finally got a good game plan for everything. There’s so much I want to do, but until recently, I was unable to execute any of it in the way that I wanted, as I was stuck on how to go about it all. 

At first I thought to go with Patreon, and it was ok, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. I prefer to make content for everyone, on my own time. Patreon did motivate me to produce more, but the downside was that I was unable to share that content with everyone since it was supposed to be exclusive for patrons. This meant that the cool stuff I worked hard on wouldn’t be seen by many (at least not until my Patreon grew), and that kinda bummed me out. With that in mind, among other things, I made the decision to delete it and keep my content free and accessible for all on my website. Of course, I don’t know a soul alive who wouldn’t want to earn enough to continue to create the art they love; patreon just isn’t the path for me right now. 

 So, all my tutorials and such will be posted for free on my site over the next few weeks. In addition you’ll be seeing a lot more new content from me, like interviews, photosets, and more cosplay, so stay tuned! I’d write more on this post, but I’m super sleepy. 
~DeLa Doll 

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