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If you enjoy the content I create, whether that includes my writing, cosplaying, or all of the above, a great way to show support would be to subscribe to me on Patreon! Maintaining a site and creating new cosplays and articles for people to enjoy isn’t cheap, and with even the smallest pledge on Patreon, you’d be helping to ensure that I’m able to continue creating! 

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By showing your support via Patreon, not only are you helping continue to keep making cool shit with words and fabric, but you’re also gaining access to a metric fuckton of exclusive content that you won’t be able to find on my InstagramFacebook, or anywhere else. This content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Monthly prints
  • Access to exclusive SFW and NSFW photos and photosets
  • Tutorials
  • Creation videos
  • Work in Progress Pictures
  • Early access to my articles and stories
  • Exclusive videos 
  • Exclusive personal blog posts 
  • Topic requests 
  • Polls to help me choose my next cosplay or blog topics

I appreciate every bit of support I get, and strive to create enjoyable, titillating, thought-provoking content for my fellow nerds of all shapes, colors, sizes, and galaxies. I’m a nerd of the people ^_^
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